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Italian Design

Invictus Yachts becomes the new reference. We want to be more than a usual boat builder; we want to redefine the luxury of tomorrow making true our future owner’s dreams. With our  Invictus, we shield the future. Unique and special boast, conceived and built, keeping in mind the quality and style that made the Italian shipbuilding industry the best in the world.

Our collaboration with the prestigious Christian Grande DesignWorks firm has made us to create exceptional recreational boats, entailing high performance synthesis a state-of-the –art design; inspired by our soul and our passion for the sea; technology and style.

Luxury and comfort can be breathed in every detail of our boats: in shape and lines, in innovation and technology, in the care of detail.

Our emblem is a crusader’s shield, bearer of values like beauty, protection and trust: it is representing our wish to challenge the sea without hesitation.

Invictus Bow thrusters
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