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Allez pêcher avec l'Invictus

Go fishing with the Invictus HX200. From MarinaGrup , Invictus distributors , we want to introduce you to the Invictus range , the Invictus HX200, an outboard boat more than perfect for sport fishing. Sports model with an outboard engine with a maximum power of 150HP. Go fishing with the Invictus HX200 . One of the day boats with an outdoor sports model, capable of modernizing the Italian boats …

Day cruiser Invictus

The day cruiser Invictus GT280 designed to enjoy the sea in very good company during the day. With a maximum capacity of 10 people, while inside it is ideal to spend the night as a couple. The heart of the Invictus GT280 is in its inverted bow helmet , a pioneer of this unusual type of bow, sharp but sturdy, which lengthens the water line to offer longitudinal stability and …

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