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Invictus 370GT S

The Invictus Yachts family continues to grow as a result of the great acceptance it is having in the nautical market. This year 2020 we are pleased to present you the spectacular Invictus GT370S, sister of the Invictus GT370 has been born from the great demand of our customers for outboards. As its acronym S stands for sport, with a maximum intake of 1200 hp, you can have a sporty …

pleasure boats invictus boats

Remember that for a boat to be considered a pleasure boat, its length (length from bow to stern) must be between 2.5 and 24 metres, for recreational and/or sporting use (it can be for profit) and with a maximum of 12 passengers. Fishing, if done, will always be non-professional.  Unlike the driving license, the necessary nautical qualification can be obtained starting with the practices. Therefore, if you are determined and …

Motorboat Invictus CX 270

The motor boat The motorboat is the one that moves by an internal combustion engine proposed by the reactor or the propeller. International Regulations for the Prevention of Approaches defines the motorboat as “any ship propelled by machinery”. A speedboat is a small motorboat that is designed for racing, allowing great speed. They can be patrol boats or fast armed ships for military purposes and used to tow. Ultimately they …

Invictus Yacht GT 320

How Invictus Yacht boats arise The Invictus name and the logo, which symbolizes a crossed shield, do not appear by chance. They express the style, quality, durability and reliability of the product. The Invictus brand represents respect for the land and love for the sea. Emotion, beauty and respect for nature and reliability over time are the values ​​that push and inspire to offer a new concept of yacht …

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